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Breakthrough: A new drug that could cure everything from colds to HIV

Our most powerful antibiotics can kill many different kinds of bacterial infections at once, but we're still searching for a single all-purpose drug that kills viruses. We may have just discovered it.
James • 2 years ago

Breakthrough: A new drug that could cure everything from colds to HIV

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Microscopy is advancing in leaps and bounds these days. It was just last week that scientists produced the first image of a hydrogen atom’s orbital structure. Not to be outdone, Berkeley chemists have now captured a series of images showing molecules as they break and reform their chemical bonds.

A Drosophila melanogaster embryo using in situ hybridization to visualize mRNA expression of the gap gene giant (red) and the pair-rule gene even-skipped (blue), with Sytox Green (Invitrogen) used to localize nuclei. Specimen preparation and imaging by Cecelia Miles, Dr. Martin Kreitman's lab; projection and cover design by Dr. Vytas Bindokas; University of Chicago, USA.

"Biotechnology is getting into some pretty interesting territory these days. The latest breakthrough comes from Kyoto University where research scientists have, for the first time, created a mouse by using eggs and sperm produced by stem cells alone. The achievement once again shows the remarkable possibilities presented by regenerative technologies like stem cells — but also the unsettling potential for human births in which parents might not be required."

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