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Fending Off Forgetting: an App to Remember to Take Your Meds - Pillboxie is unique in med-reminding apps in that it uses visuals of your medications, instead of just the standard name and dosage, and a visual image of an actual pillbox. In that way it becomes the graphic equivalent of a pillbox on the screen–just with bells and whistles.

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MedCoach Medication Reminder ($0.00) MedCoach is an easy-to-use medical app that helps you remember to take your medications and pills at the right time and day. Never forget to take your meds! MedCoach can also connect to your pharmacy to refill your prescriptions. MedCoach is medication management and a medication reminder made easy!

Pill Reminder by ($0.99) Brought to you by, the Pill Reminder is an incredibly flexible and easy-to-use application. It is not only a pill and refill reminder, but also a comprehensive personal medication record (PMR) app for your iPhone. Medication management.* Setup any type of recurring pill reminders using our flexible scheduling options. * Pin lock for privacy & security.

Not an app - Med-e-lert Automatic Pill Dispenser 28 Day 7 Day 4 Times - CLEAR Lid: Health & Personal Care ($55.95) Excellent way to manage yours or a loved ones medications! Easy to set up Reminder times and alarms can be customized Great for caregivers and seniors! Give yourself the peace of mind and never miss medications

Names in a Hat ($0.99) Introducing the "Names in a Hat" application - just the tool you need to pick random names out of a hat. Features: * Save multiple lists of names and teams. * Shake to pull a name out of the hat (tap is also available). * Auto select - quickly select a random order of names. * Team select - divide the names into teams. Made for iPhone/iPod Touch, must enlarge on iPad.

Unus Tactus ($9.99) assist people of all ages with mild cognitive &/or motor deficits by allowing them to have an easy to use cell phone, w/ a simple set up. One touch photo dialing system. Unlimited imported photo contacts ~ Picture & name display of contacts ~ Customizable emergency contact e-mail/phone # ~ Emergency button ~ E-mails w/map link location sent to emergency contact after every outgoing call ~ Geofence feature ~ Automatic e-mail w/map link location

Let’s Name Things Fun Deck FREE app. - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Namerick - Remember Names ($0.00) Namerick improves your memory of people’s names using repetition and mnemonics modeled from memory 'athletes' and studies of the human memory. Memory experts refer to the three R's of Long-term Memory. Recording, Retaining, and Retrieving. Namerick does all three.

How to organize your medications with a bead box. Great when you have a chronic illness and have multiple bottles of meds and supplements. (I use smaller pill boxes for my daily meds, but whatever is left over in the bottle goes in this!) #illness #organizing #storage

illRemember ($0.00) take a photo of the person, and make a description for them. You can combine the description and the photo together! Then you can take a screenshot of it, and it will be saved in your photo library for instant access. Then what? You do it all over again!

A simple to use timer in the form of a traffic light. Set whether you want it to run red-amber-green or green-amber-red, set the times in minutes and seconds and then off it goes! A bell chimes as each light changes. Designed to be used as a behavioral aid for children - set the lights to go from green to red to time an activity ("10 minutes of quiet play before bed time" or to time siblings turns on the playstation!) or from red to green as a timeout timer.

A congregation of alligators :)

Visual Schedules on a pill box - when the kid completes a task they can open the pill compartment for a small reinforcer!