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"No, I'm not sure how this man got in here." (Funny bad retro food ads)

Don't trepan yourself! (Funny bad retro Disneyland ad)

"Now come over here and let me sear this into your leg." (Funny bad retro cigarette ads)

"In fact, after extensive interviews, we're prepared to say this is the most self confident bacon we've ever met." (Funny bad retro meat ads)

"Already got enough stickers in my hiking socks. Didn't need one in my mind." (Funny bad soft drink ads)

You give a little boy enough laxative for an adult male, and then get upset when he "acts bad." No, you're a great Mom. (Funny bad retro Castoria ads)

And to make things even creepier--Mr. Crenshaw claims he saw no clowns around little Stevie when he took the picture. (Funny bad retro Polaroid ads)

"Actually, we're looking for The Wizard of Oz cast party." (Funny bad gum ads)