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Marcia Cahoon
Marcia Cahoon • 2 years ago

cancer -

  • Anthony Kimbrough
    Anthony Kimbrough • 2 years ago

    not that I don't get excited over old cars and trucks... and animals. What can I say, I'm a work in progress, lol. I fully intend on living life to the fullest extent I can, only my life has changed, and is still changing, for the good. I still miss home and those who've gone there already, but I'll see them again later, for now, I live and love with the living.

  • Marcia Cahoon
    Marcia Cahoon • 2 years ago

    Me too...i know it is his will...and that we cant even begin to comprehend how wonderful it is there...but...I love all my family...and want to be here with them as long as possible..and Inlove this beautiful world...such a beautiful and wonderful place! I savor each lovely warm sunny day...each lovely mountain and tree and rivers and creature! Can't let go yet! I also know that I have a long ways to go before I am ready...all the rough spots smoothed and polished, and ready to meet my maker. I am definately NOT anywhere near perfected to meet Him! kind of embaressing some days how much I need to do to be better enough! LOL!,, don't feel like I am making much headway some days! The spirit is willing...but the flesh is weak, you know? :-)

  • Anthony Kimbrough
    Anthony Kimbrough • 2 years ago

    I can relate to that. :) Sometimes I think I take two steps up and three back, lol. I figure if this world was perfect we wouldn't need Heaven. I don't think we're suppose to rush to get out of here, maybe its the learn and grow experience. None of us will ever be perfected enough to meet Him, He makes the difference up, provided we do our part, and some days I lack a lot doing that. Today was one of those days, lol. But I reckon that's why we're called human and He is called God. There are days I don't look forward to reviewing and owning up to my own stupidity. lol.

  • Andrea Grossman
    Andrea Grossman • 1 year ago

    Just wanted to say that those fighting cancer are always in my thoughts- I hope you stay strong and be as healthy as possible! ♥

  • Anthony Kimbrough
    Anthony Kimbrough • 1 year ago

    Thanks Andrea, God bless.

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