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Marta Locklear
Marta Locklear • 2 years ago


  • Whitney Ward
    Whitney Ward • 2 years ago

    Who exactly looks pretty at 93 anyway and I'm certainly not going sleeveless then anyway.

  • Marta Locklear
    Marta Locklear • 2 years ago

    Why do people feel the need to leave rude commnets on Pinterest? If you don't like it, pass it. I just don't get it! Deleted :) This is my happy place...I won't let people just be rude to be rude.

  • Marta Locklear
    Marta Locklear • 2 years ago

    And girls above...thanks for defending the rude comment...I was in zzzz land when it was left :)

  • Christen Lucas
    Christen Lucas • 2 years ago

    no problem.. I think it's funny when people use the when you get old card.. I've come to terms that when I get older I won't look pretty.. end of story hahaha and when people ask what my wrinkly old ginormous feather on my arm is.. I'll pull my skin tight and say.. it's because I'm an old bird!

  • { Melissa }
    { Melissa } • 2 years ago

    I live in Florida. Not only will I go sleeveless at 93 because I don't want to be hot, but by then I really, REALLY won't care what anyone thinks of my wrinkles. ;)

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