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The Salt Lake Tribune
The Salt Lake Tribune • 2 years ago

"The Unsinkable" Molly Brown steps off the Carpathia after being rescued from the Titanic.

  • Miranda Bradley
    Miranda Bradley • 21 weeks ago

    That's very true, I was able to go to the Titanic exhibit in Branson last year and I was overwhelmed. Ive always wanted to go because the story has always gripped my heart. I spent hours inside reading the stories. The section on your great grandmother was very interesting. There was so much about it all that I never knew though. Specially about the 3rd class accommodations that surprised me. I was glad I finally got to go see it. Im fascinated by history. I feel sometimes I was born in the wrong era lol. Thank you so much for commenting. It made my day and I told my children and family and it made them all smile:)

  • Helen Benziger
    Helen Benziger • 21 weeks ago

    I'm so glqd that you got to see the Molly Brown Gallery! Those things have been wirth me for as long as I can remember. I was so thrilled when I was able to share them with everyone! The museum is amazing...If you eever get to Pigeon Forge, that one is amazing as well. Thanks for the comment and tell your family I said "hey" ! :-)

  • Miranda Bradley
    Miranda Bradley • 21 weeks ago

    Oh I loved it! It was me and my husbands 17th wedding anniversary and I said by ned im goin to see it!! Lol, I will definitely try to check out the one in pigeon forge. Im glad you shared all of her belongings so everyone else could see them and enjoy them as well, even though I can imagine it wasn't an easy task to part from them. If your anything like me things from your ancer mean so much no matter what they are. Something as simple as an old pocket knife like what my grandpa left me just means the world to me. Anyways I could go on and on lol but thanks again for being so thoughtful and I told them you said Hi and they were tickled lol, now their wanting to watch the movie.. again lol

  • Miranda Bradley
    Miranda Bradley • 21 weeks ago


  • Isabella Byrne
    Isabella Byrne • 3 weeks ago

    I love that movie!!

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