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How to Teach the Writing Process to 4th Grade Students

by Lily Mae
The writing process is essential for composing works of writing. Any piece of writing that is composed undergoes the writing process, whether the author is aware of it or not. Formally teaching the steps of the writing process and making authors aware of the actual steps of the process can help them...
Kamrie Nygren
Kamrie Nygren • 2 years ago

Teaching 4th Graders the Writing Process

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(I need to do this with Hannah! Do kids really do this in 4th grade?? HA!) Detailed post on how to teach 4th graders to write five paragraph essay.

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Four square writing method for organizing paragraphs for the younger grades or essays for the older grades. Our special ed. teacher showed me this. I think I might try it to help my 4th graders to organize their persuasive essays.

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