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Candice Horton-Archuleta

teaching a new song with color coding: have something (like colored lei's and put them on the teachers) colored to match the way you color code the songs. when the teacher is wearing the blue lei or holding the color coded object, their class stands when that colored word is sung. then switch! rotate!

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Crazy singing scramble, I have used this idea to teach songs and it works great! I usually give the teachers a lei the color that the class is supposed to be singing, they are easy to rotate from teacher to teacher.

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Crazy hat day! My kids love the crazy hat I made, but it is not as crazy as this one! I bring this with a pair of wacky sunglasses and a rubber chicken. Whatever class sings best, I make their teacher wear the hat and sunglasses and hold the rubber chicken.

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I know many people have tried Musical primary kids LOVE it! I usually start by putting them on me and telling the children if they sing well they will "catch" the measles. I enlist the Primary Presidency to go around and spread them to some of the children. Then I give some to the teachers and while we sing the teachers add musical measles to the children in each class who are singing well. Finally, I give some to the kids who are singing well (EVERYONE by that time!) and the teachers catch them in the end!