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Wild Bird Marketing
Wild Bird Marketing • 1 year ago

grey crowned crane

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All animals and birds are colored designed to bow down to take water in mouth and to drink it must face up to Thank Creator like an AUTO THANK YOU to Creator. All fishes are also colored and designed in a way that they come up on top of water for Air and Prayer also like an AUTO THANK YOU to Creator! - Beautiful.

  • Mahboob Kawsar

    (2 of 4) Caitlin Bird, My eldest son who is 25 now, is deaf dumb and blind, mentally, physically retarded and also blind. But he is like an INFANT, he does not have the ability to Sin. He is deaf dumb and blind. We all love him very much, innocent and simple. I know it is not my son's fault that he is deaf dumb and blind.

  • Mahboob Kawsar

    (3 of 4) Caitlin BirdI also know that it is not their fault who are kept behind the invisible curtain and that is why, I do not get upset or angry when someone use dirty and nasty words. Words are reflection of mind. I did not want to say this like this, but I think it will be better for you not to use such bad and nasty words.

  • Mahboob Kawsar

    (4 of 4) Caitlin Bird, In our part of the world such 4 letter words are used by kids who use paper and not water after toilet. Their lack of comfort below and under and the strong smell reminds them constantly of that (s...), and as it is always in mind that is why it comes out of mouth quickly. It might be better for you not to use any bad words any more. Please be kind and learn to communicate by using decent words, kindly maintain the minimum decorum.

  • Caitlin Bird

    You are obviously not well acquainted in the many ways that "shit" can be used. I used shit as a word to imply "encompassing a large amount". Of course you don't seem to know or care that the English language is one of the fastest changing adopting words and making them mean new things all the time. Did you know that "contact" was once a foul word? Of course you didn't because English is not your first language.

  • Caitlin Bird

    Now please address the REAL shit this topic is about instead of prancing around the edges afraid to get your skirt dirty.

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Grey Crowned Crane

Grey Crowned Crane ホオジロカンムリヅル