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Too much soft stuff in the baby's sleep environment AND bed sharing.

Too much soft stuff under baby and tummy sleeping.... :/

In countries where co-sleeping and breastfeeding are the cultural norm rates of sudden infant death syndrome are significantly lower. In Japan for example, where co-sleeping is standard and bed sizes are indicated by how many children can comfortably sleep alongside parents, the rates of sudden infant death syndrome are the lowest in the world.

After you take your cute picture, remember to remove all blankets from baby's sleep environment and put baby to sleep on his/her back.

Remove loose blankets from your baby's sleep environment. Babies should not sleep on top of soft items like blankets.

Bed sharing / co-sleeping facts.

Way tooooooo much soft stuff in this baby's sleep environment and in adult bed. This is a suffocation hazard and a SIDS risk.

Bed sharing/ co-sleeping

co-sleeping :) Why? The same reason partners sleep together: Because bonding happens while we sleep. Human infants are designed to be attached to parents, certainly not in a separate room.

One for parents but changed my like. And for all the co-sleeping haters out it doesn't cause cot death which is actually called Sudden Infant Death syndrome, and can happen anywhere. In fact co-sleeping lowers the chance of this happening. Read it and weep Daily Mail readers!

Cosleeping and bed sharing families.