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The Harris hawk or Harris's hawk is unique amongst the raptors for hunting in family groups. This co-operative behaviour allows it to capture larger prey than would otherwise be possible.

Goshawks and sparrow hawks are small to medium-sized hawks. These formidable birds of prey hunt small mammals and birds in woodlands and forests. They have short broad wings for rapid acceleration and long tails for manoeuvrability. There are around 50 species in this group and all have a distinctive white grouping of feathers that forms a band above the eye. Goshawks and sparrow hawks can be found from the tropical forests of Africa and Papua New Guinea to the foothils of the Himalayas.

The Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula) is medium in size, with an off-white coloured facial disc with black rim on the edges & white eyebrows. Their bodies are dark grey to grayish brown with white spots on the head. They have what appear to be false eyes on the back of their heads & they have white to off-white spots on their dark grey backs. Their shoulders exhibit a white banding pattern. They have a very long tail, which helps them manoeuver around the forests in which they hunt.