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Daddy Kisses. Every night we eat a kiss and when they are all gone it is time for Daddy to come home! A great way to help small children visualize the length of time until Mommy or Daddy comes home from deployment

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Sending to daddy on deployment!

For those in your life who's loved ones are deployed/ sister did something much like what this girl did: My brother-in-law deployed and they bought enough Hershey's kisses to give each of their two children one each night. They call them "Kisses from Daddy", so that they still get a "kiss goodnight" every night he is gone. they are in a cute little container (not like this one, but I don't have a picture of my sisters, and this is a similar idea) and the kids know that is where Daddy's kisses come from. They also know that, when the candy kisses are gone, Daddy will be home to shower them with REAL kisses! It's so cute! On THIS particular blog, the blogger made them and gave them as gifts to her family for her cousin's deployment, and when their kisses run out, he will be home. =)

Deployment Gifts - love the box for the kids to fill with their momentos to share with Dad when he returns.