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Marc Doty's Minimoog from Bob Moog Foundation's "Celebrate Bob Day" to commemorate 78th birthday. Same day the Moog Doodle went online.

Google Doodle How To | Moog Music Inc }:{ Google has crafted another interactive homepage doodle, this one honoring the 78th birthday of Robert Moog, considered by many to be a pioneer in the electronic music space. The playable doodle features his signature Moog synthesizer, with all the accompanying bells and whistles. A quick-start guide on provides details on how to play the doodle, which also allows users to record their creations and share them with friends.

Celebrating #Twitter7 Twitter turns seven, releases greatest-hits video

Go Google: Google Drive Google Drive Goes for a Spin [HANDS-ON] via @mashable How Does Google Drive Compare to the Competition? via @Mashable //RT @donpy : 「 Google Drive 」の準備完了メールが来たので初期設定やってみました。

  • Sena Serene

    『Google Drive 対 Dropbox、SkyDrive、iCloud 詳細比較チャート』 競争でサービスが洗練されていくのは大歓迎 //GoogleはGoogleドライブに置かれたファイルのライセンスを取得したことになります:海外速報部ログ:ITmedia オルタナティブ・ブログ

▶ What if Google was a Guy? - YouTube

How Google Understands What You Want (Infographic)

PRINTER ORCHESTRA by Chris Cairns. So glad to be able to share this!

If Google were invented in the '80s... ::What if #SocialMedia were invented in the 80s [Abduzeedo]