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Eiji Nakamura
Eiji Nakamura • 1 year ago

For five months a year over a four-year period, self-taught fine art photographer Yu Yamauchi captured these amazing and ever-changing sunrises from the same spot near the summit of Mt. Fuji (10,000 feet above sea). Yamauchi lived in a hut on Mt. Fuji, considered one of the most sacred mountain in

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Yu-Yamauchi sunrise

Yu Yamauchi spent 600 days on Mount Fuji photographing sunrises

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Yu-Yamauchi sunrise from the top of Mt Fuji

Of all the sacred mountains, Mount Fuji is one of those which has hatched both religious symbolism and artistic creation. Japanese artist Yamauchi Yu spent five months near the summit of the snow-capped symbol of Japan shoot the sunrise daily and at the same spot

Mt. Fuji as seen from the summit of Mt. Takao in Tokyo Prefecture.

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