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Caroline Janelle
Caroline Janelle • 29 weeks ago


  • Jan M
    Jan M • 28 weeks ago

    Who is receiving all this free care? I know of at least 8 people, including my husband and myself, who have been told by our HR department that the cost to switch over to Obamacare from our current plan would be significantly higher. Yet I keep hearing about all these people receiving free health care. I am lower middle class and absolutely cannot afford Obamacare.

  • Matt Nelson
    Matt Nelson • 26 weeks ago

    Yea I'm with you. I've yet to see a single benefit.

  • Matt Nelson
    Matt Nelson • 22 weeks ago

    My wife's position at work was full time until this yahoo had grand ideas and screwed a bunch of us over. Luckily I'm active duty military and we don't have to worry....... Yet

  • Rebecca Ownby
    Rebecca Ownby • 19 weeks ago

    Just found out our insurance premium is going up $300.00. Making our coverage for just me and my husband $942.28 a month effective January 1st. One months notice! This does not even include our 3 children! We are being forced out of our healthcare!

  • Rebecca Ownby
    Rebecca Ownby • 19 weeks ago

    Oh, and one more thing. I was also notified that the cost of our prescriptions would be increasing. How is this affordable?

  • Matt Nelson
    Matt Nelson • 19 weeks ago

    The fact that people voted for that moron again is beyond me. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. I didn't vote the first time but I was sure people were smart enough not to do it again.

  • Judi Martin
    Judi Martin • 18 weeks ago

    Those numbers just don't add up.