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Pinned by Lauren Berkley

Lauren Berkley
Lauren Berkley • 2 years ago

Thinspiration 😊

  • Christine Ivy
    Christine Ivy • 2 years ago

    WOW, what an overly simplistic, dangerous mantra. Sounds like the mindset of an anorexic, not a healthy person.

  • Katherine Hancock
    Katherine Hancock • 2 years ago

    anorexia is not the answer

  • Chelsea Rupp
    Chelsea Rupp • 2 years ago

    Say yes to eating right and exercising! That is the true key to a healthy bod. Don't sell your body short of what it needs. I know I don't know you, I just find this picture and message sad.

  • Lauren Berkley
    Lauren Berkley • 2 years ago

    I took this as say no to junk food! Not all food! I just need to lay off the sweets.

  • Charity Moore
    Charity Moore • 2 years ago

    This is ridiculous =[

  • Dee Had
    Dee Had • 2 years ago

    Try, everytime you say yes to cardio, you say no to unwanted calories :)

  • Camille Sibucao
    Camille Sibucao • 1 year ago

    say no to food and yes to death hahaha

  • J Marie
    J Marie • 1 year ago

    Sorry, I had to report this. I was bulimic for 10 years and I would hate to see another person go through what I did. This mindset nearly killed me.

  • Lauren Rhodes
    Lauren Rhodes • 1 year ago

    Dang! Girl has a big booty. I am jealous. . .

  • Lauren Caravello
    Lauren Caravello • 1 year ago

    this is sick. We shouldn't be teaching women to deprive themselves of food. You can still eat foods that are healthy and good for your body and be skinny, you don't need to starve yourself to get results. It's things like this that make girls think that's how you get to be thin and that is what will make you happy. Be happy with your body, embrace it, and take care of it!!!

  • Tally
    Tally • 1 year ago

    Why would anyone post something like this? Starving yourself is NOT the anwser to living healthy and being skinny. I am reporting this as well.

  • Lauren Berkley
    Lauren Berkley • 1 year ago

    People are taking this way to seriously. There is a time when you need to say no to food. There are way too many obese people. It's ridiculous

  • Tiffany Sandell
    Tiffany Sandell • 1 year ago

    Yes let's report this because of your own illness and insecurities... The person CLEARLY sttes

  • Tiffany Sandell
    Tiffany Sandell • 1 year ago

    States* no to JUNK FOOD.

  • Kyra Williams
    Kyra Williams • 1 year ago

    Yay to Lauren and Tiffany... Totally agree. All you other judgmental people go away please. You do NOT get to say what/who is "okay" for us to think is beautiful. Back off... Oh and "reporting"? Seriously? Are you 12? Yeah, not ok.

  • Juliana Slagter
    Juliana Slagter • 1 year ago

    Uh who cares? It's her life and she can do what she wants. She doesn't have to live by your morals and thoughts. She has freedom of speech so she can say whatever she wants. Back off. It's stupid to report this

  • Stephanie Springolo
    Stephanie Springolo • 1 year ago

    For every person who needs to lose weight (clinically and medically speaking), there is a girl out there with an eating disorder, internalizing these weight loss messages that are intended for those with medical

  • Stephanie Springolo
    Stephanie Springolo • 1 year ago

    Need to lose weight. Sorry, Lauren, but this is something that absolutely needs to be taken seriously. I report all thinspiration messages like this, and those that are more insidious.

  • Stephanie Springolo
    Stephanie Springolo • 1 year ago

    As well, eating and starvation have nothing at all to do with "morals," so please don't add that dimension to this debate. Low self esteem is a bigger problem than obesity, and how dare anyone trivialize the bravery of a girl

  • Stephanie Springolo
    Stephanie Springolo • 1 year ago

    Who speaks from her own eating disorder experience. Indulgence is actually a part of healthy eating, so eating "junk" in moderation is actually okay for most healthy people.

  • Tiffany Sandell
    Tiffany Sandell • 1 year ago

    Dude you comment too much.. Way to blow up my inbox with your issues. So do you report every damn thing you come across bc everything makes SOMEONE feel bad..

  • Tiffany Sandell
    Tiffany Sandell • 1 year ago

    I guess I should start reporting pics of kids bc you know there are people out there who can't have kids and are really depressed.. STAY PC!!