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Diving in Alexandria's sunken city, Egypt

Ruins of Cambay, India - The vast city lies 120 feet below the ocean’s surface, it is 5 miles long and 3 miles wide.

The Amazing Sunken Cities Of The Ancient World - Amazing Sunken Cities of the Ancient World: Lost for 1,600 years, the royal quarters of Cleopatra were discovered off the shores of Alexandria by marine archaeologists in 1998, believed to have been submerged by earthquakes and tidal waves, yet astonishingly, several artifacts remained largely intact.

Underwater ancient city @ Qiandao ("Thousand Island") Lake [千島湖], Zhejiang, China

'Yonaguni Monument' under the sea off the coast of Japan.

3500 years of Cappadocian cave homes: These unique underground havens once were used by early Christians to hide from Roman armies, yet they remain occupied to this day - 100 square miles with 200+ underground villages and tunnel towns complete with hidden passages, secret rooms and ancient temples, with each new civilization building on the work of the last.

Some 68 miles past the east coast of Taiwan, off the coast of Yonaguni Islands, a sunken ruin was discovered by a sport diver, in 1995. The ruins are estimated to be around 8,000 years old, however, it is still unclear which missing city they made up. The most spectacular discovery amongst the submerged ruins is a large pyramid structure, finely designed archways resembling the Inca civilization, staircases and hallways, and carved stones.

ancient Persepolis, ancient Persia. Iran

Bay of Cambay, India ~ A few years ago in India, they discovered a city of 9.5 thousand years old!! These underwater ruins at the southern coast of India showed the highest level of civilization at that time. It should be noted that until this very old city, known in India, there were only 5 thousand years. Discovery was named Golden City, as the legendary town where Krishna lived.