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MeKayla Collins
MeKayla Collins • 2 years ago

Long distance pillows -- When one person goes to bed their lover's pillow begins to softly glow, and you can hear each other's heart beating. ♥ Oh my gosh.

  • Taylor Bell
    Taylor Bell • 2 years ago

    verge on creepy

  • Krysta Schreib
    Krysta Schreib • 2 years ago

    I so want this! Being a marine wife it's hard when the hubby is gone. He's getting ready for a 2nd deployment soon and this would be awesome ♥

  • Melanie Albert
    Melanie Albert • 2 years ago

    What happens if you hear 2 heartbeats? Lol

  • Crystal Rayon
    Crystal Rayon • 2 years ago

    Wow. I agree with Taylor...verge of creepy.

  • Heather Reid
    Heather Reid • 2 years ago

    So cute :)

  • Brooke Anderson
    Brooke Anderson • 2 years ago

    how would you bring that up without sounding creepy. just weird

  • Melissa Duke
    Melissa Duke • 2 years ago

    what the heck! no way

  • ElsieKay
    ElsieKay • 2 years ago

    I wish I had these when my bf was away.

  • Leslie Steele
    Leslie Steele • 2 years ago

    it would suck to hear two heartbeats....

  • Rebecca Verkerk
    Rebecca Verkerk • 2 years ago

    My luck it would be all snores.

  • Kira Pearce
    Kira Pearce • 2 years ago

    Wish my husband could take this to work with him lol

  • Lindsay Lou
    Lindsay Lou • 2 years ago


  • Lisa Mooneyham
    Lisa Mooneyham • 2 years ago

    CRAZY !

  • Jade
    Jade • 2 years ago

    That's just obsessive and weird!!

  • Tennille Neve
    Tennille Neve • 2 years ago

    My partner is going to the gulf soon and will be away for six months I wish I could get this for us, not just for me but for our son's Benefit too, obsessive and wired I don't think so.

  • Gabriela Kochanowski
    Gabriela Kochanowski • 2 years ago

    So excited... If its $200 for 2 I would most likely purchase!

  • Lisa Mooneyham
    Lisa Mooneyham • 2 years ago

    THIS IS GREAT FOR MILITARY spouses that are deployed all the time.. It's not on the market yet

  • Bianca Lopez
    Bianca Lopez • 2 years ago

    for those who are in an extremely loving, committed, comfortable, trusting, and secure relationship, there is none of this weird, obsessive, creepy talk, the idea of a long distance pillow is probably wonderful to both sides, because both are in the same place (loving, committed, secure...etc) if you're not, then i totally see why anyone would think otherwise.

  • Magen LaFay
    Magen LaFay • 2 years ago

    This is a scam! Do not donate your money to a company overseas! That's what investors are for.

  • Stephanie Hutchens
    Stephanie Hutchens • 2 years ago

    I can see it being a scam...

  • Traci Dixon
    Traci Dixon • 2 years ago

    A night light pillow is not going to comfort me while my hisband is deployed. This is weird

  • Laurie Fessler
    Laurie Fessler • 2 years ago

    was this on shark tank?

  • Kayla Marie
    Kayla Marie • 2 years ago

    My fiance is in Afghanistan. And even though some of you are saying stupid shit about it being creepy, or whatever the hell, I know for a fact that I'd give anything to make him feel closer, and feel like I'm not always sleeping alone. I think this is a beautiful idea, given if it actually works and is not a scam. I know I'm not the Military Spouse saying PLEASE GIVE THIS TO MEEEEE!! ♥

  • Beth Howard
    Beth Howard • 2 years ago

    (I don't really see what an "extremely loving, committed, comfortable, trusting, and secure relationship" has to do with not wanting to sleep next to a glowing, pulsating bag of feathers (?) It would be insanely annoying.) Not to mention... it amuses me greatly that for all the oohing and crooning that is going on over "sleeping" with this thing... none of you realize time zone difference will interfere greatly with your grand plans. Do yourselves a favor, save your money and get your man something he will use and appreciate: A laptop with a built in web cam. Seeing his face will be a million times more comforting. You'll note from my husbands t-shirt this is a voice of experience.

  • Kimberly Luker
    Kimberly Luker • 2 years ago

    Some people just suck the fun out of everything, don't they? Geez!

  • Tennille Neve
    Tennille Neve • 2 years ago

    I understand this might not be your cup of tea, and I'm not going to donate because I do think it could be a scam, I believe it to be a nice idea, having my partner deployed is extremely hard especially when I become over whelmed with the kids so even if he is using it when it's the middle of the day here at least I'll feel his presence and know his ok!! that would personally give me great comfort. So I appreciate your opinion however I don't think you should look down on me for mine! And we have a web cams and like you said with the time difference the kids will rarely have the chance to see and chat with himthey might get a kick out of this, it was just i nice Idea so Let's just agree to disagree...

  • turtlepetalouda
    turtlepetalouda • 2 years ago

    I think some people are forgetting the rule of pin interest: Be Nice Be kind!

  • Dawn Marie Carr
    Dawn Marie Carr • 2 years ago

    So cool.

  • Debbie Welter
    Debbie Welter • 2 years ago

    This is NOT a scam. Good Morning America featured this product and the inventor behind it on their show a few weeks ago. The woman in the picture is the inventor she invented it because her boyfriend "the man in the photo" is an oil driller who is on an oil rig the majority of the year. She created one for her and one for him prototypes. She currently is working with merchandisers to get this in stores by summer of this year. It works by each person wears this bracelet that monitors their heartrate with a microphone that transmits the sound of their heartbeat to the partners pillow. This would be great for military families hearing their heartbeat could ease the minds of is my love one alive and okay. This is a great product and is NOT a scam.

  • Beth Howard
    Beth Howard • 2 years ago

    Tina... you're blowing up my inbox with your "drafts". LOL! I am sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings by failing to be "kind" and "nice". Logic I guess has that effect occasionally. Bottom line... ask your soldier how he would feel about it and if he doesn't think he's gonna be mocked and ridiculed too bad by the guys... and if he has enough space on his cot... more power to you then. Me and my souless, un-compassionate self opted to let a man be a man and do things for him I knew he would appreciate. To each their own... and yes... agree to disagree. Peace ladies.

    WWW.WD.CM • 2 years ago


  • Toni Marie
    Toni Marie • 2 years ago

    I don't think I could sleep on a pillow that glows. With all the modern ways we have to stay connected with one another, this seems a bit out there. Plus all the fretting and worry if it doesn't light up when you expect it to.

  • Crystal River
    Crystal River • 2 years ago

    Made me tear up!! I need one ASAP!!

  • Stephanie Ivey
    Stephanie Ivey • 2 years ago

    This would be great for kids that have trouble sleeping over at a friend's/relative's house, or maybe even just in general! Would have helped my oldest daughter to make that transition into her own bed after some family trauma. What a great idea!

  • Shannon Timm
    Shannon Timm • 2 years ago

    Yea... Women may like the mushy stuff, I can't imagine my hubby would go for this, or any man for that matter. Guys are to macho and especially soldiers. Also wouldn't it suck when the thing dies and your pillow stops lighting up and beating and you freak out until you hear from him? That's an ironic backfire lol

  • Bianca Lopez
    Bianca Lopez • 2 years ago

    dear beth, i stand by what i said. thats why i used the word "extremely." some couples aren't, thats not a bad thing, some couples don't need to be so attached, some do. you can still be in a loving, committed, trusting, secure..etc.) i just don't think its to the extreme. neither type of relationship is bad, its all about preference.

  • Becky Hammond
    Becky Hammond • 2 years ago

    Stalker much?

  • Lleyna Hinton
    Lleyna Hinton • 2 years ago

    I need this!!!! I think it is a great idea :))

  • JAY ME
    JAY ME • 2 years ago

    I doubt it

  • Kelsey Webster
    Kelsey Webster • 2 years ago

    hats awesome!!!

  • Courtney Register
    Courtney Register • 2 years ago

    Deployment must

  • Brittany McFarland
    Brittany McFarland • 2 years ago

    Wow! Most amazing thing invented! I would love to have one of these.

  • Ashlie Stromer
    Ashlie Stromer • 2 years ago

    i need this soo bad!

  • Ali Berlinski
    Ali Berlinski • 2 years ago

    this only works for certain time zones...and is kinda creepy though, cute.

  • Bethany Wright
    Bethany Wright • 2 years ago

    That is amazing!

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