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MisizM • 2 years ago

After his first film, Harrison Ford (1942-) underwhelmed the producer and was told he would probably never succeed. But today Ford is the third highest-grossing actor of all-time.

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After Sidney Poitier's (1927-) first audition, the casting director instructed him to just stop wasting everyone's time and ' get a job as a dishwasher or something.' He went on to win an Academy Award and is admired by actors everywhere.

Marilyn Monroe (© Rainey Shuler/Solent News/Rex Features) Marilyn Monroe's (1926-1962) first contract with Columbia Pictures expired because they told her she wasn't pretty or talented enough to be an actress. Monroe kept plugging away and is one of the most iconic actresses and sex symbols of all time.

Oprah Winfrey (1954-) was fired from her television reporting job because they told her she wasn't fit to be on screen. But Winfrey rebounded and became the undisputed queen of television talk shows. She's also a billionaire.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) didn't speak until age four and didn't read until age seven. His teachers labelled him 'slow' and 'mentally handicapped.' But Einstein just had a different way of thinking. He later won the Nobel Prize in physics.

Dr. Seuss (© File/AP Photo) Theodor Seuss Geisel's (1904-1991) first book was rejected by 27 different publishers. He's now one of the most popular children's book authors ever.

Charlie Chaplin's (1899-1977) act was rejected by executives because they thought it was too obscure for people to understand. But then they took a chance on Chaplin, who went on to become America's first bona fide movie star.