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How To Clean and *SHINE* Your Microwave Without Cleaner!

This is one of those ideas I have gone back and forth on whether I should post. First of all….I feel like EVERYONE already knows this “trick” to cleaning the microwave. I’ve been doing it for YEARS. However, I didn’t discover it until I had been married for several years and had cleaned the microwav...
Nita • 2 years ago

Pour one cup vinegar (into a 2-cup measuring cup or bowl) then add one cup of hot water to that. Place measuring cup (or bowl) in the microwave and set your timer for approximately 10 minutes. After 10ish minutes…CAREFULLY remove the cup with the HOT liquid (use an oven mitt!) and wipe out the inside with a wet rag. You have effectively just “steam cleaned” the inside of your microwave.

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The quick way to clean your microwave!

1-2 cups of water w/ 1-2 tblsp of vinegar put in a microwave bowl and put in microwave for 5 minutes.... WHAT!!!!

You can actually use a lemon to clean the inside of your microwave and leave it smelling fresh and looking new. The best part is that you don’t actually have to scrub it to get it clean.

REVIEW: Vanilla Extract Clean the microwave and leave it smelling sweet with this household trick! Mix 2 cups of water and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract in a microwave-safe container, and zap it on high for five minutes. When it's done, remove the container and wipe down the interior of the oven. Any gunk should slide right off. <--THIS REALLY WORKED! Probably the easiest its ever been to clean the microwave! and it leaves it smelling so sweet:) will definitely do this from now on!!

Going to try this...Soaked my shower for 2 hours and it looks new. How to clean your shower! Vinegar, Dawn and baking soda and it really, really works!