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Mona Evans
Mona Evans • 2 years ago

Valhalla Crater on Callisto. Callisto is the most heavily cratered satellite in the Solar System. Its surface has apparently been primarily sculpted by impacts. Valhalla is its largest crater - it's 360 km (225 miles) across and the rings extend to 1900 km (1190 miles) from its center. (Photo: NASA) ©Mona Evans,"Jupiter's Galilean Moons" www.bellaonline.c...

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Saturn's Hyperion: A Moon with Odd Craters Credit: Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA What lies at the bottom of Hyperion's strange craters? Nobody's sure. To help find out, the robot Cassini spacecraft now orbiting Saturn swooped past the sponge-textured moon in 2005 and 2010 and took images of unprecedented detail. An image from the 2005 pass, shown above in false color, shows a remarkable world strewn with strange craters and a generally odd surface...

Mosaics of Jupiter's Moons - left to right, Ganymede, Europa, Callisto, & Io. The moons are known as Galilean satellites.

International Space Station silhouetted against the Moon

An image of Jupiter's moon Callisto showing a large impact basin, 2,600 km (1,600 mi.) across, on the moon's surface. Known as Valhalla, this is the largest impact crater yet discovered in the Solar System.

Saturn's moon Enceladus vents water into space. Imaged by the Cassini spacecraft.

|| Luna 2, the first human-made object to reach the surface of the Moon.

Jupiter and its moon Io. The red dot is a volcano on the moon's surface and the blue cloud is the volcano's emissions

Earth, Moon and Soyuz. Credit: NASA/Kevin Ford.