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Germline stem cells at the tips of a fruit fly ovary Image by Ho Lam Tang and Denise Montell, Johns Hopkins University.

Fruit Fly Brain by Christian Klambt and Imke Schmidt: This image of a fruit fly brain was created by marking the structural proteins of the cells. It shows the developing eye disks as well. via businessinsider #Fruit_Fly_Brain

Nikon MicroscopyU | Small World Competition | 2006 6th Prize - Thomas J. Deerinck National Center for Microscopy & Imaging Research - University of California - San Diego - La Jolla, California, USA Specimen: Rat retina astrocytes and blood vessels (160x) Technique: Fluorescence and Confocal

Microscopic image of a dinosaur bone. Photo by Sinforosa Resultay - University of Calgary. #yellow #spots #dots #mosaic

Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) visual system halfway through pupal development, showing retina (gold), photoreceptor axons (blue), and brain (green) (1500x)

biocanvas: A 160-times magnified view of Licmophora flabellata, a marine diatom. Image by Wim van Egmond.

Vertical section of a chick retina

Nikon MicroscopyU | Small World Competition | 2005

Yanping Wang, of the Beijing Planetarium in Beijing, China, took this surprisingly gorgeous shot of sand - yes, that’s SAND - at 4X magnification, using reflected light. He took 14th place in the Nikon Small World Photography Contest.

Lymphatic endothelial cells microscopy | Tumblr

Wim van Egmond of the Micropolitan Museum in Rotterdam, Netherlands photographed a Leptodora kindtii (giant waterflea) eye from a living specimen using the differential interference contrast method.

Primary rat neurons grown as neurospheres, observed by Dr. Rowan Orme of Keele University, Keele, UK.