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Linda Poe
Linda Poe • 2 years ago

Matthew Gray Gubler's Reasons to Stay Alive. My Top 10: ~When your favourite song comes on the radio. ~Falling asleep to rain. ~Baby laughter. ~Lips to kiss. ~Rules to break. ~To fade your scars. ~Everything will balance out. ~You are needed. ~7 billion people you haven't met. ~You have forever to be dead :)

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reasons to keep living. Its the simple things

when it's four a.m. and they call because they know you're not asleep. know all my terrible secrets and stay anyway

Lewis Carroll. If you don't know where you want to go, it doesn't matter what path you take.

remember when you used to get talks in school about drugs and alcohol and other dangerous things that you were supposed to stay away from? well the never told us about midnights spent with a boy who makes your pulse race or the lazy smile that warms his face when you kiss him...

the best things in the world ♥ 1.cold Chinese food 2. Girls night in 3. Singing in the car all by yourself 4. Coming home to a happy dog 5. Napping under an umbrella at the beach 6. Laughing so hard you cry 7. The feeling you get when you give a really good gift 8. Lazy Sundays 9. Returning home after a long t rip 10. Conquering a fear