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Roman Surgical Tools found at Pompeii reproductions

The Scold's Bridle is a British invention, possibly originating in Scotland used between the 16th and 19th Century to control, humiliate and punish gossiping, troublesome women by effectively gagging them. Scold comes from the 'common scold': a public nuisance, more often than not women, who habitually gossiped and quarreled with their neighbours, while the name bridle describes the part that fitted into the mouth.

United States or Great Britain. Late 18th century dildo. Rare piece of scrimshaw. One side of the hollowed ivory shaft featuring a drawing of two women, their faces solemn as they demonstrate proper use of the object. The entire scene above a flowing banner emblazoned with "Remember Me".

"All my son wanted was to see the world". Keith Sapsford, 14, Australian, hid in the wheel housing of a Japan Air Lines Tokyo-bound jet in Sydney. John Gilspin, an amateur photographer, was testing his new camera lens as the plane took off and unwittingly caught Keith Sapsford's 200-foot plunge to death. 1970.


1860-1890 Hyserotome/Metrotome - used to amputate cervix during hysterectomy

Mouth Speculum, used circa 1950. According to Dr Herbert Bauer, this speculum may have been used with a mouth guard. The device prevents the mouth from being closed. It may be used for examining inside a patients mouth or possibly for force feeding food. This is an example of oral medical equipment used at Victorian psychiatric hospitals

A Holt’s Divulsor as described in Tiemann’s American Armamentarium Chirurgicum page 358 which is in effect a urethral dilator designed to stretch and release a stricture or narrowing of the urethra. The cannula without the bougie would be inserted through the tip of the penis up to or through the point of narrowing. The hollow bougie is then introduced over a central conducting rod, dilating the bore of the cannula as it passes, so releasing any stricture. 1840-1860.

These dental forceps were decorated with a dragon's mouth.

Hernia Tool (1850s) This unique tool was used after the restoration of a hernia. It was inserted into the body near the affected area and left there for a week to produce scar tissue that would help seal off the hernia.

President Bush being informed of the attack on the Twin Towers

Family Bicycle... circa 1910. ☀