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Special Effects Character Creators Shannon Shea and Alec Gillis prep the Stan Winston Studio LEVIATHAN dive suits at Rome's Cinecitta Studios.

Stan WInston, Rick Lazzarini, Alec Gillis, and David Nelson troubleshoot the "running facehugger" animatronic from ALIENS.

Special Effects Character Creator Alec Gillis details the original Amalgamated Dynamics ALIEN³ Maquette.

Special Effects Character Creator Tom Woodruff, Jr. gives a final inspection to an ALIENS "warrior" head.

Stan Winston with Alien Queen

Steve Johnson - Special Effects Character Creator & Master Monster Maker | Stan Winston School of Character Arts

Character creator Shane Mahan delicately dremels the translucent incisors of her royal majesty, the Stan Winston Studio Alien Queen from ALIENS.

Special Effects Character Creator John Rosengrant adds final details to the animatronic T-Rex puppet on JURASSIC PARK.

Special effects character creators and master creature sculptors Christopher Swift and Shane Mahan sculpt a tentacled GALAXY QUEST Thermian head at Stan Winston Studio.

Alec Gillis sculpts a demonic leer onto the face of Stan WInston's PUMPKINHEAD.

Stan Winston with Small Soldiers

JURASSIC PARK 3 - Pteranodon Test - Stan Winston Studio Special Effects Behind the Scenes