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W. B. Yeats and Ireland, 1965

Credit The Irish poet and playwright William Butler Yeats was born this day in 1865, in Dublin, Ireland. To honor his hundred and forty-seventh birthday, here’s a selection of images from the recently published book “Under the Influence,” by the Dublin-born photographer Alen MacWeeney, which pairs e...
Jessica Korman
Jessica Korman • 2 years ago

If I make the lashes dark / And the eyes more bright / And the lips more scarlet, / Or ask if all be right / From mirror after mirror, / No vanity’s displayed: / I’m looking for the face I had / Before the world was made. - excerpt from Yeats's "Before the World was Made"; photograph by Alen MacWeeney, "Young woman, Brackenstown House, Dublin" (1965)

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Prospect Cemetery, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland

The Long Room in the Trinity Library--Dublin, Ireland. I NEED to go here!

I came on a great house in the middle of the night, / Its open lighted doorway and its windows all alight, / And all my friends were there and made me welcome too; / But I woke in an old ruin that the winds howled through … ~Alen MacWeeney, “Ruined house, Donegal” (1965); excerpt from Yeats’s “The Curse of Cromwell.”

Where My Books Go, W.B. Yeats