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The Dandelion Cluster is a group of stars located 5000 light years away from us, backdropped by the center of the galaxy. This cluster collapsed from a large gas cloud about 200 million years ago and weighs about 300 solar masses. Remnants of the cloud are visible, blocking light from the stars behind them. There are so many stars….

The Globular Star Cluster 47 Tucanae in the Southern Hemisphere is brilliant with one million stars.

Cathedral to Massive Stars - The Hubble Space Telescope took this spellbinding image of Pismis 24 (shown center above), one of the most massive and luminous star clusters known, glimmering above the NGC 6357 nebula that is approximately 8150 light-years away. According to NASA's estimates, the brightest star of Pismis 24 cluster is over 200 times the mass of our Sun.