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PDF CROCHET PATTERN Flower Afghan Throw by PastPerfectPatterns, £1.25

  • Sunnaze Ishere

    Many of the patterns on this board are not free - contrary to the name of the board.

  • L *freebie* Bailey

    Hello Sunnaze - as these were posted ONE year ago, they were priced as above. The price is there to indicate not free, 99.9% of patterns are checked by me every night, Bloggers often then start selling for a dollar their patterns after Huge traffic. Who can blame them. Free when posted. you pointed out the earlier ones when I joined Pinterest .......................................feel free to block my pins then :)

  • Sunnaze Ishere

    As people on low incomes do a specific search for free patterns, and use a lot of time sifting through them (as I did with your board - trust me, it took a long time to look through), it is very frustrating to then find that the patterns that you would like are actually not free. Incidentally, also contrary to your introductory statementat the head of the board, this pin, and several others, are actually from It is possible to rearrange/reorganize pins should they no longer 'belong' on a board, or to simply edit the intro statement at the head of the board, so that a search doesn't pick up 'tags' from the statement, and people don't build up their hopes. That way, people won't end up using valuabe time and effort, just to end up disappointed and frustrated.

  • L *freebie* Bailey

    Hi, when I joined Pinterest I barely remember pinning older entries as I have thousands of freebies, literally, I am too sick to go over all the initial joy of pinning, maybe there is less than 1% that are not free, but compared to others boards that state free, they are often dead links, I check nightly before pinning that the link is active, and it free at time of posting. You wont find any in the last few months that are not paid for. Incidentally I am way too sick medically to go over ones from a year ago, I love all the interactions with people that find of late, all freebies. But people like granny blanket, started to charge a dollar after huge internet traffic, that I can't control, but if anybody brings it to my attention I will change it. I pin to relax and enjoy finding gems for people that ask for e.g. a poppy pattern. I love it so! I get the low income bit, but hopefully you will find a Pinners board that is all free, with no Etsy. I have not posted any Etsy within the last 11+ months. That is thousands of pins, especially the Amigurumi's, they are all free. at time of posting anyhoo, I hope you find a good Board to follow that has no Russian freebies, I find then like aargh! And hard to understand, God Bless, Peace xox

Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF Afghan Throw Blanket Bedspread Retro 1970s. via Etsy $ Pattern ~ Beautiful, I love it!

Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF for Colour Wheel Afghan Throw Blanket Retro. £1.95, via Etsy.