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  • Karen ......

    You missed my point - one administration can't be guilty & the other innocent. Why does it have to be just one parties fault anyway - too simplistic and des tracts from fixing the problem.

  • RattlesnakeLil

    You are correct about that, I don't blame one president, one party, but it has escalated under Obama. There is too much to blame ovr but they is not gonna be a lot of time to stop it & fix it

  • Karen ......

    Actually there a lot more embassy attacks under bush. Check it out

  • Karen ......

    11 to be exact - I had to check

  • RattlesnakeLil

    Well I hate the tit for tat, but it was Obama & Hillary who ignored these 4 brave men & bring up any past you want they screwed up. Hence, today's headlines they are trying to detract with...oh yeah this week it's climate change. bleahhhhh

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