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House GOP changed rules before shutdown to prevent Senate bill from easily…

Two weeks ago, as Congress prepared for a government shutdown fight, House Republicans changed parliamentary rules so as to prevent any member of the House from being able to bring up for a vote the Senate version of a government funding bill.
Kathleen • 45 weeks ago

House GOP changed rules before shutdown to prevent Senate bill from easily returning to House floor ~ Kudos to Chris Van Hollen for pointing this out. Apparently, the GOP thinks it can change the rules midstream to its own favor and not get caught. Too bad, they've been caught.

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Facts to educate the mind.

  • Melissa Humphreys

    Bahaha. None of this has happened. I cant believe people actually voted for this idiot

  • Cheryl Siggelow

    This was his proposal for 2014 which would have begun Oct 1,2013, had congress actually passed the budget. Since no budget has actually been passed, none if these programs can begin. Please folks, read the budget proposal presented to congress on April 10, 2013, for fiscal tear beginning Oct,1,2013. Thank you.

  • Cheryl Siggelow

    Sorry, should say fiscal year, not tear. Lol

  • Cheryl Siggelow

    Question?!?! Have any of you read my replies?? I wouldn't mind a little feedback.

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