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Kathleen • 40 weeks ago

It was planned well in advance. Don't let forget when they start blaming it on others.

  • DirtyHippieMama
    DirtyHippieMama • 40 weeks ago

    The part about daddy can't go to the VA made me see red. Those sorry GOO bastards, they deserve to be drug into the street and beaten with a rusty bicycle chain.

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Planned parenthood.

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Maybe the greedy want it all, from the poor as well.

Remember the victims. I never thought I lived in a country where this would happen and NOTHING would be done. Thank you NRA and Republicans for allowing this to happen.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and I need to start voting for the democrats.

.National Women's Party 2014 wake up, and realize the GOP seem to hate women, unless they know their place. Forget that static.