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Pinned by Craig Bialick

Craig Bialick
Craig Bialick • 2 years ago

Palgyi Yeshe de Sogpo. Listed among the eight heart-students although Nyak Jnyanakumara was his root guru; may also have studied with Ma Rinchen Chok. Originally a blacksmith, through the practice of Vajrakilaya, he mastered all beasts, subduing even tigers with mudras. He lived outdoors in forests along running streams and practiced on the peaks of snowy mountains, training many disciples until he passed away.

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Palgyi Dorje Wangchuk, Lhalung Palgyi Dorje. Studied with Vimalamitra, initiated by Padmasambhava in the oral teachings of Mantra. After Guru Rinpoche's departure, he wandered incessantly, stopping only to meditate in various caves. Siddhis allowed him to pass through rock and fly in the sky. Assassin of King Lang Darma, he retreated to the mountains of eastern Tibet where he continued to practice for the benefit of all beings. At death, he displayed a rainbow body.