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Earthy Mama Goods
Earthy Mama Goods • 2 years ago

Cuisenaire Rods - Addition/Subtraction Towers (Number Bonds) by Education Unboxed. This is a fun math activity to help kids learn the number bonds (or fact families) to 10 using Cuisenaire rods and Hundred Flats from a Base Ten set. This is so much more fun and effective than drill of addition and subtraction facts! And, it not only teaches them their math facts, but it gives them a conceptual framework as well - something that will NOT happen if they are primarily working with symbols on paper,

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CUISENAIRE RODS More ways to play 'What's in the Box?' Missing addends, subtraction, lots of fun stuff here! Be sure to watch my videos 'Teaching Addition and Subtraction with Cuisenaire Rods' and 'The Three Meanings of Subtraction' to get the full picture of what is happening here. It is very important to understand the concept of whole/parts (or number bonds) in order to decode word problems. This is where you start. Please see www.educationunbo... for more videos!

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Six is Having a Party! - Math Facts with Cuisenaire Rods by Education Unboxed. Here's a video of another activity you can do with children to help them learn their addition/subtraction facts to 10 (or above). You don't have to use the "having a party" theme. If you or the child comes up with one you like better, feel free to change it. Better learning happens that way!

Tens Concentration - Number Bonds Game Using Cuisenaire Rods by Education Unboxed. I got this idea from, though we changed it just a bit and didn't use the 10 card. This game could be played alone, too. A great way to practice those number bonds of 10 which are SO important to doing mental math!

Cuisenaire Rods Poster from Mrs Davidson's Resources on - (1 page) - Do you use Cuisenaire Rods to teach math? This poster is a great visual for you students. It provides a picture of each Cuisenaire Rod, its color, and its value.

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