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Cecily Kellogg
Cecily Kellogg • 2 years ago

"Well, this is the great thing about writing. You don’t have to give everybody a vote. You are not the community board. You’re you. I write what I think. And if somebody else feels differently, they can write their own story. Now in the real world, the people who didn’t like Coney Island won. They won." -- Katha Pollitt, author of LEARNING TO DRIVE, The Bat Segundo Show, #143

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"You know, you put in these phrases, which are in fact titles of books, in which he’s thinking — in which he is the character. So he is always seeing himself as a protagonist as some story, because what Firmin wants most of all is to be in the story. And of course I gave him that in the end. But he didn’t know that." -- Sam Savage, author of FIRMIN, The Bat Segundo Show, #77

"If you’re spending five minutes on what normally takes you three days to write, of course it’s going to seem 'easy.'" -- Megan Abbott, author of THE END OF EVERYTHING, The Bat Segundo Show, #404

"Drums are one of the things that I have absolutely no knowledge about." -- Pale Young Gentlemen, The Bat Segundo Show, #242

"First, I owe nothing to reality. But, of course, for any novel to work, in spite of my disregard — maybe even my disdain for facts — truth is important. If it’s not true, you can’t stay with it. You won’t believe it. And there is no work. But truth has nothing to do with reality or facts." -- Percival Everett, author of I AM NOT SIDNEY POITIER, The Bat Segundo Show, #295

"I think that being easily distracted mirrors, or is the same thing in some ways, as noticing connections too easily. And that does mean that once you have, once you’re solidly at work on a story, everything you see around you, you can sort of pull in and use. Everything in the story you can sort of tie down to other parts of the story." -- Kelly Link, author of MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS, The Bat Segundo Show, #82

"A book has many faces. I mean, in the end, a book isn’t what a writer thinks it is. A book is what a reader makes of it, when they lend the authority of their lives and their souls to it." -- Richard Flanagan, author of THE UNKNOWN TERRORIST, The Bat Segundo Show, #122

"When I write fiction, I am a firm believer that the first sentence should be really strong. And that comes from the Gordon Lish/Gary Lutz/Diane Williams school of writing. Or whatever it is like that. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Have a really great first line. Build your story sentence by sentence. I don’t necessarily do that in this book." -- Kevin Sampsell, author of A COMMON PORNOGRAPHY, The Bat Segundo Show, #322

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