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Janet Patterson
Janet Patterson • 2 years ago

Sealed adoption records, secrets, and lies keep me from knowing my siblings and them from knowing I exist. My biological parents have a right to their privacy, meaning if they don't want a relationship with me fine, but NOT the right to lie to their children about my existence and request to know them!

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Because you live in agony not knowing. Not knowing ANYTHING.

Distortion (of truth). Applies to the Adoption Industry and those who would keep us in the dark surrounded by untruths, lies, and secrets.

Adoption: Who Am I? Adults deserve the right to obtain their Original Birth Certificate (OBC) In NY and many other States they are denied that Civil Liberty. Amended Birth Certificates are a lie. . . Some say adoptees are legally discriminated against. # Pinterest++ for iPad #

Advocate for Open Adoption Records. Learn how here www.adoptionstar....

Incredible article on how adoptees and birthparents suffer from adoption. If I only would have read this 2 years ago, I would have made a different choice for my little girl and I. Great read for any pregnant girl toying with the thought of adoption! Think twice!