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''Spanglish'' documents the immigrant experience THE HISTORY In a look at the influx of Mexicans that is a defining element of life in Southern California…
Jill Bellaver
Jill Bellaver • 2 years ago


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The character of Flor in Spanglish

Spanglish is about a mother who moves from Mexico to the United States in order to provide her daughter with a better life and better opportunities.

'Don't be a guy.. The world is full of guys. Be a man.'

A League of Their Own (1992) -Geena Davis, a member of Mensa, a social organization whose members are in the top 2% of intelligence as measured by an IQ test entrance exam.

Sidekick to: Andie Pretty in Pink (1986) He pesters, he jesters, he lip-syncs to Otis Redding's ''Try a Little Tenderness'' — all in the name…

Arguments will always come up about whether It's a Wonderful Life is a christmas film or not. I honestly don't give a damn. I'll watch this movie on Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July and on Halloween, and it will still have me in awe of how beautiful and pure it is. Do yourself a favor and avoid the color version of this film, it is as if the characters of Rainbow Brite puked all over it. Watch it in its pure black and white glory.