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  • Amanda Pope

    I can't wait for spring so Audrey can hatch a few of these.

  • Donna Dixon

    Amanda, when i was a young teenager I got a baby duck to raise. He got so fat he didn't walk so I took him down the street to McKinney Wills feed factory to ask them why he wouldn't walk. After they laugh so hard at me they said I was probably feeding him too much. Later that stupid duck got eating dog food and ate a can a day until he got so mean I gave him to my grandfather and a few months later a fox got him.

  • Amanda Pope

    lol I have had 3 so far and I don't think any of them flew. The first one was so mean. He would chase you around the yard. only if you were a woman though. Men and boys he was totally fine with and nice to. I ended up taking him to the college and since he couldn't fly he probably got eaten by a mountin lion. The second one was pretty fun. But she got eaten by a hawk. And then my last one was probably 4 years ago and I hatched her. She was my favorite. Her and the dog and the cat were buddies. But then one day she just died. No one knows how. The only thing we can think of is she choked.