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  • Steel Ovaries

    Sandi wins the interwebs!

  • Castiel AngelOfTheLord

    I really appreciate how you logically argued instead of shouting random absurdities. I wish all sides did more of this. You made it a mature conversation, not a belittling verbal confrontation.

  • Carrie Garvey

    He'll fire isn't eternal, your studying the bible wrong, you don't read it like a bedtime story, you read verse upon verse, line compared to line, there is going to be hell but it won't be for eternity, I just did a bible study on it, it's something many Christians are fooled by along with everyone going to heaven as soon as we die and the lords day is Sunday it's all blind people leading blind people

  • Krosis

    In any case, it's all a complete and total work of fiction.

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  • Ava Peltier

    God doesn't even exist.

  • Cheyenne Jones

    And if he did and eve never ate that apple then the world would have been over populated millions of years ago. We die we cry we are human. Stop blaming our beautiful imperfections on some imaginary big red dude. Be who you are and do the right thing without having to think about 'will this get me into heaven' shit.

  • leah valerie

    Why do they have belly buttons? 0__0

  • Sandi Johnston

    Thank you Wil, for your wonderfully immature response. It proves my point perfectly.

  • Jill Rogers

    The belly button thing cracks me up. Also what about all the stories that were told before the bible reared its fictitious head. Live in the here and now. It's all we have. Too many people waste it waiting for "heaven".

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Perhaps, this is b/c it's just a silly old book written by our clueless ancestors. #bible #god #jesus #religion #atheist #atheism

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