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  • ** FuNkyTX'n**

    Thank you, dear. I hope your evening is pleasant as well.

  • andrea

    im not sure where I have been rude but ok... and btw I have developed a great friendship with another atheist on these boards and we seem to get along just fine, so jennie must have some personal issues to deal with. thank you tx'n! have an awesome day!

  • Tom Oswald

    Jennie, not sure if rude is the right word. Although Andrea probably doesn't think so, I would say she talks in a very patronizing way.

  • J Michele

    Very well worded, Tom.

  • andrea

    Patronizing.... never been called that before. Well we all have negative personality traits to work on as we grow. Ill work on that. Have a good one.

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  • Jennifer Peltier

    God doesn't even exist.

  • Cheyenne Jones

    And if he did and eve never ate that apple then the world would have been over populated millions of years ago. We die we cry we are human. Stop blaming our beautiful imperfections on some imaginary big red dude. Be who you are and do the right thing without having to think about 'will this get me into heaven' shit.

  • leah valerie

    Why do they have belly buttons? 0__0

  • Sandi Johnston

    Thank you Wil, for your wonderfully immature response. It proves my point perfectly.

  • Jill Rogers

    The belly button thing cracks me up. Also what about all the stories that were told before the bible reared its fictitious head. Live in the here and now. It's all we have. Too many people waste it waiting for "heaven".

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Perhaps, this is b/c it's just a silly old book written by our clueless ancestors. #bible #god #jesus #religion #atheist #atheism

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  • jordan michel

    I know it's not fair existence isn't fair

  • Lisa Fruit

    question: is there really such a thing as a "good" person? I know most of us aren't serial killers, but we have all done wrong. If we've ever lied, cheated, thought bad thoughts about someone.... that's all sin. So we're all "bad" people (Romans 3). Fortunately, God loves us anyway and made a way to overcome sin. That way was by believing in His sin, Jesus, who got what we deserved by dying on the cross for our sins (john 3:16).

  • Lisa Fruit

    And guys, those verses are hard to understand out of context. Those billboards are like what tabloids do when they interview people. They take it lines that will get people's attention, but leave out half the interview so the person looks like a jerk. If you want to firm an opinion about something as big as God, you might want to seek the information first hand. That's something that could cost you a lot to be wrong about it.

  • Annie Welch

    I have read the bible. It's ab as informative as a children's nursery rhyme book. I'm not wrong ab it. An I would want nothing to do with a god that let children be beheaded and starve to death. Quite frankly that god could suck a big dick and get his head chopped off.

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