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Anne Oheron
Anne Oheron • 2 years ago

Proof: Obama and Eric Holder knew about Gun Walking in March 2009 (Video) More of Obama and Eric Holder’s lies exposed. The Right Scoop has posted a video from a March 2009 press conference where gun walking/tracing was announced not only as an issue very important to the president, but directed by the president in conjunction with Attorney General Eric Holder! Uh oh, Spaghetti-Ohs!

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11 steps to fascism... 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 and 10 Check!... we are almost there!! Time to turn this sh!t around!!- Obama's Change- Democrats think only they have the right to FREE SPEECH.

Mmm sounds all too familiar. Can you say Hitler and Obama?

Keep posting this so we can make them all EX-senators at their next elections. We need to be recruiting solid primary candidates to run against them.

The a president could have united Americans & as the First Black President could have done great things. It is a pity he used his race not only to win the Presidency but to Divide & Destroy America's Economy. All he had to do make it easier for companies to grow & create more jobs. Instead he regulates,taxes & will fine them to the point we will lose jobs. Our growth should be around 4%!! Recent months have had as little as .1% growth w/ average of 1%. NOW TELL ME WE ARE DOING FINE! (4-2013)

  • Pam Runge

    He's not the man you believe or want him to be!!!!!!!! Look in the mirror you're the IDIOT!

  • Pam Runge

    He proposed a package but where are the jobs except the government created job! Where are all the green jobs??? Flthey are go he and OUTSOURCED.

  • Pam Runge

    They were fired and OUTSOURCED. Where is A123? where is the. Transparency,your brain MUST BE NUMB!

  • Pam Runge

    Typical Democrat locked me from commenting on h pins. No debate just do it my way.

  • Pam Runge

    If a President can't create jobs then WHY DID HE SAY HE WOULD?

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You gotta watch this video. See what they (the Obama machine) has planned for all of our Internet IP addresses come December 2012. THIS IS BEYOND SCARY!