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Always loved opals, even though I think they are considered a bit uncool. These are the types i would like to have added to my wedding band eventually.

  • Holly Bree

    I've always loved them too. I dont understand why they are uncool. I really love the blue/green ones. Been looking at them a lot recently. I'm trying to find a cheaper stone that has some of the qualities. Funny you should mention them. Was on here thinking I should pin some this morning. Great minds eh?

  • ⥤◈⥢ Loretta ⥤◈⥢

    Indeedy! I actually love it that they're uncool. I have been researching them a bit lately because Ive decided to use them in the settings when I get my wedding band 'stoned'. I think I've shown you this before, but this is what i want to do. Without the turquoise and possibly with the opals, but trying to figure out how best to incorporate a bit of sapphire to tie it in with the engagement ring. Hmmm.

  • Holly Bree

    You could use tiny pieces of sapphire in the carved bits. Little sparkles around the white opal. Lovely!