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Companies That Don't Test on Animals

These companies and many more test on animals. (Think about it: Would you have your dog or cat drink shampoo? Would you dunk their foot in Clorox...or pour it into their eyes?) Please do not buy products from companies that test on animals. Remember, there are other ways for them to test. (Don't let them try to convince you otherwise. It isn't true that "There is no other way.")

Stop Animal Testing! Test... Bananas

♥ Do you know why they use bunnies to test cosmetics? it's because bunnies don't have tear ducts so they can't cry out the stuff they jam into their eyes, no matter how much it hurts or burns. Please don't buy cosmetics that are tested on animals ~ it's not necessary. In fact, the entire European Union just banned cosmetics tested on animals (starting 3/12/13) - and we should too! ♥ (list attached)

Animal Rights- stop animal testing

Beauty Without Cruelty available at www.beautywithout... NO ANIMAL TESTING ever!

Rescue - There's a "U" in the word for a reason

Share this like crazy to help seals!