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Welcome #34! Oregon Enacts Autism Insurance Reform |Advocacy | Autism Speaks

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Calls for Marijuana Law Reform | Weedist

Judge Torches Colorado's Marijuana Magazine Rule | A federal judge in Colorado struck down a law that would require magazines about marijuana to be sold behind counters like pornographic magazines, following findings by state officials that the law was unconstitutional.

Regulate Marijuana, Don’t Prosecute It | It seems that area law enforcement has not yet learned the value of working WITH the local community.

Republican Rep Wants to Amend Maine Legalization Bill | Representative Corey Wilson wants to amend Maine’s marijuana legalization bill to limit statewide marijuana growing to 10 centers, and one single distribution service. The worst part; he wants to auction off the contracts for these 11 entities. He also wants 25% of the revenue to go to drug law enforcement.

Maryland Representative Andy Harris’s Amendment to Block Funding for D.C. Marijuana Law | Weedist

Fund Raiser for the Southern Oregon Four | The most recent raids on medical cannabis safe access points in Southern Oregon on May 23, 2013 made the news across the country. I could go into the ridiculous waste of time and money spent on these raids. I could rant about the various points that demonstrate the prejudice and discrimination that was afforded my friends at the hands of their law enforcement. But, I will leave that for another day. These fine people need help.

Law Enforcement Targets Marijuana Activists in Philadelphia | On May 18th, The Panic Hour and PhillyNORML held “Smoke Down Prohibition V” in a free speech zone near the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA. As the name suggests, this was the fifth such event they had organized. The previous four were well attended, with hundreds of legalization advocates attending and peacefully demonstrating against our country’s failed policy of marijuana prohibition.

Gallup: Most Americans Want the Federal Government to Butt Out of State Marijuana Laws | Weedist

Bill to Regulate California’s Medical Marijuana Businesses Continues in Assembly | Weedist

New York Health Committee Approves Medical Marijuana Bill | In a 21 to 4 vote, the New York State Assembly Health Committee approved the use, production, and sale of medical marijuana. Sen. Diane Savino (D-Staten Island) and Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan) introduced the medical marijuana bill (A.6357/S.4406) and are optimistic about its chances in the Senate, where it has failed in the past, due to the bill’s tight stipulations.

State of Oregon Archives. State agency, legislative, local government and genealogical records for Oregon are searchable here. Try out the new collection of "scenic county images" for some beautiful, fair-use images of our gorgeous state.