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LOOK: The Best Pixar Easter Eggs

Over the weekend, Pixar released "Brave", the studio's first non-sequel since "Up" in 2009. "Brave" marked the studio's first foray into the fairytale genre and -- more notably -- its first film with a female protagonist...
Lissa Morillo
Lissa Morillo • 2 years ago

Pixar Easter Eggs

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The Pizza Planet truck is everywhere! And A113. (That's the room where they train the animators, I think) It appears in every PIxar movie. And the Pizza Planet truck. They're Easter eggs. Something to look for. For example, A113 was the license plate for Andy's mom's car in Toy Story 1. And the person who captured Nemo after touching the "butt" goggles had A113 on them. Little Pixar fact. :)

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