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Jess • 2 years ago


  • Jessica Brooks-Fulton

    No offense to anyone but it is not our place to judge others. We are to be judged. Period. If you don't like what someone does then don't invite them into your life, home, etc but don't judge least you be judged...

  • Alana Deschamps
    Alana Deschamps • 1 year ago

    In my opinion, tattooing scripture is one of the boldest moves a person can make. I have a direct quote from Isaiah tattooed along my arm, my faith is permanently marked on my body for the world to see. Perhaps we should try putting a little more focus on the plank in ones own eye before pointing out the speck in someone elses.

  • Therese Cordeau
    Therese Cordeau • 1 year ago

    Does it matter where it comes from at least we know someone has!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emma Edwards
    Emma Edwards • 50 weeks ago

    Aww look at all you Christians bitching at one another, so loving and non judgemental, lol.

  • Meredith Reynolds
    Meredith Reynolds • 50 weeks ago

    Hey yoooo who you calling Christian, Emma? Them are fighting words!!! Lol!

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