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Lauren Vondett
Lauren Vondett • 2 years ago

I use this every night, the talented surgeon I work for Dr. Daniel Brown always suggests it to his patients for, removal of fine lines, blemishes, uneven skin tone, and sun damage. I love it, makes cell turnover faster so your skin always looks great

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""Tried and tested! I stopped using it for a few weeks because I was on vacation so my skin was kinda gross (a few pimples, oily and flaky!, red, and black heads), but after I used the mask there was a BIGG difference!!! My skin was back to normal! So definitely try it out if you haven’t already =] ""

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It smooths out your skin and you don't put on as much foundation or whatever you use with it! And it makes your skin super soft!

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1. Tie all of your hair back away from the facial area 2. Steam face to open your pores (or take a hot shower) 3. On clean skin, apply your mixture of honey and lemon all over 4. Let the mask sink in for 20 minutes (take a cat nap!) 5. Wash off with warm water and a final splash of cold water to close pores

We’re seeing things in black, white, and bright, thanks to boscia’s newest peel-off mask. Their innovative formula contains clinical levels of advanced brightening ingredients for a visibly more even skin tone, diminished dullness, and a hydrated glow. No more gray areas. #Sephora #HotNow

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