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Judy Blair
Judy Blair • 2 years ago

President Obama and his niece, Savita

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President Obama

  • Karen Rigatti

    Oh, and the horrors that are going on in Iraq now wouldn't be happening if Bush and Cheney (war criminal) hadn't invaded Iraq for no reason, then never bothered to pay for the two trillion plus dollars it cost, not to mention the lives of American military and innocent Iraqi civilians. I suppose you criticize Bush for the debacle that was his presidency???

  • Jeep Girl 0llll0

    OMG Bush has nothing to do with this.. Obama didn't inherit this, he campaigned for it, he begged for it and instead of trying to fix it he continues too dig us deeper.. Stop living in the past with Bush. Go on my Obama board and please open my eyes to what he has done good. I could go rounds with you for hours but remember my name when shit hits the fan.. Its coming my friend praying for you and your family!! God Bless

  • Karen Rigatti

    Excuse me, but President Obama hasn't dug us deeper. Check out some job creation information and see the number of jobs that were lost under Bush and the number created under President Obama. I saw some of your Obama boards and they are crap!!

  • Karen Rigatti

    I don't need your prayers because the shit won't hit the fan. My president has done as best he can with a right wing congress trying to stop him at every turn and shutting down the government!

  • Karen Rigatti

    Perhaps you should vote for the tea party idiots who are destroying this country, the ones in Congress and the governors who are bought and paid for by the Koch brothers and imposing their agenda on the innocent people who live in their states. The Koch brothers will continue to buy our government and we will have a country no one will recognize if they succeed. By the way, hope you like Hillary.

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