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Des Yerrid
Des Yerrid • 1 year ago

Hairy Bush Viper

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This is a Devil's Flower Mantis and yes, it's cooler than any other bug.

The Abbott's Sphinx Moth (Sphecodina abbottii) caterpillar, have discovered that best way to [hopefully] survive their harsher younger years is to have a big ol' eye spot on their butts. This isn't just your average eye spot, though. I mean this thing looks incredibly real - right down to the white reflection spot in the "pupil." If you poke the caterpillar, the little guy will squeak and try and bite the attacker.

Igor Siwanowicz - Imagine what this turns into

phyllocrania paradoxa - Ghost Mantis

This is the velella (Velella Velella), a small free floating hydrozoan. It's currently the only known species in the genus. They're also known as sea-rafts or by-the-wind-sailors, for the obvious reason that it uses the the "sail" you can see in this image for locomotion. Because of this, they are often found washed up on beaches.