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Shiv Kumar
Shiv Kumar • 2 years ago

Spine Deformity can happen when unnatural curvature occurs, as in scoliosis or kyphosis of the spine and Scheuermann's disease. Complete Spine Care from

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Scoliosis - abnormal lateral curvature of the spine

As June is National Scoliosis Awareness Month, is shedding light on this mysterious condition that affects about 7 million Americans. Scoliosis is a spine deformity that causes the spine to curve to an abnormal degree, usually side to side. It can lead to a variety of different physiological issues and if left untreated can compromise the health of the victim.

Spine chiro care for babies

Severe Scoliosis - Curvature of the Spine. My mother had polio when she was 16. At first it appeared that nothing happened to her as a result of the disease, but by the time she died, 74 years later, the scoliosis had changed her body drastically with severe scoliosis.

Scoliosis is a sideways curve of the spine, which has several different causes. Treatment may involve a brace or surgery. For more information see:

Scoliosis is derived from a Greek word meaning “curvature.” Affected individuals have an abnormal curvature of the spine. Usually the spine curves slightly to one side, causing one shoulder and hip to be higher than the other. If left untreated, the curve grows more exaggerated, causing unnatural spacing of the ribs. In extreme cases, heart and lung problems can develop.

Nerve function, location of nerve damage- I love you whoever posted this! With loridosis and scoliosis this helps me feel more normal.

Exercises for #scoliosis. Click the picture to read 3 exercise tips.

How Tight Hamstrings Affect Your Lumbar Spine.