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something so true

And don't let him try to guilt you into it or tell you that you're a bad person because you no longer choose to be a part of his don't hate, but you can't subject yourself to the behaviors anymore.

rape culture

  • Susie Parker

    I, too, dress as I please, but unlike you, I take responsibility for my own safety and outcome for my choices. I don't expect someone else to put their life and safety on the line because I chose the risk. It's called "empowerment". It's called "responsibility". No honest records are kept for false accusations, btw. In reality, they are probably about the same in number. It's a female's passive/agressive form of rape

  • Dazy Graves

    Regardless of the outfit, people are still raped. Let us imagine for a second that Susie, you aren't trying to pick at sores and consider how female victims are treated against males. Women are more often than not, asked what they were wearing when the assault took place. This, as we all know, leads to victim blaming.

  • Dazy Graves

    That's not to say that 'modestly dressed' people aren't. The Burka is evidence of that, yet women are still sexually abused while wearing one; attire intended to ward off those uncontrollable male desires. I call bullshit. First of all, Which 'risk' are you referring to, exactly? Empowerment is a personal thing; as well as collective and if you pay attention, you might realise that fighting against the patriarchy and this view is indeed empowering.

  • Dazy Graves

    It is utterly ridiculous that we are even having this sham of a debate. While you are unwilling to discuss the fact that actual rape is out of control and rape culture is left to the dogs, i will of course agree that anyone who falsely accuses another of such a horrific crime, should be held accountable. People who fail to understand this are undermining the affect it has on actual victims. - Yes, i even include the FEW that are wrongly accused.

  • Dazy Graves

    I find it sad that you have completely ignored all of Claire Elizabeth's highly valid points, in order to throw an argument in here, in a mildly aggressive manner. These "stupid signs" are important. Who said they are stupid claims? Or don't you believe in rape?

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good reminder

"While in some parts of India, many expectant parents still say they'd prefer bearing sons, members of the Piplantri village, in the eastern state of Rajasthan, are breaking this trend by celebrating the birth of each baby girl in way that benefits everyone. For every female child that's born, the community gathers to plant 111 fruit trees in her honor in the village common."

.. a beautiful person....

The Fault in Our Stars