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I have an obsession with large cats, especially tigers

Tiger Reflection Large Cats

The Siberian tiger (also known as the Amur and the Ussuri tiger) is a large subspecies of tiger,found throughout western and central Asia.The...

The Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis), a native of China, Russia and Korea, is one of the most endangered large cats in the world with fewer than 50 individuals in the wild

Baby snow leopard (Panthera uncia or Uncia uncia) is a moderately large cat native to the mountain ranges of Central Asia. Snow leopards are crepuscular, being most active at dawn and dusk. They are known for being extremely secretive and well camouflaged.

*ahhh, the good life!!!! He is safe and gets 3 meals a day forever!!!! (For those that want them to wander free, did you know that as the Large cats age, their teeth fall out and unable to hunt and eat anything they could kill, they starve to death.)

@Christina Burch finally found the bunny picture i loved